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Peter Drucker

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What we do

We help companies with the digital transformation.


There are variety of reasons why businesses need external IT project management. This may be the result of changing competitive conditions or because the own staff is already too busy. Influencers demand digital strategies. We manage your projects in both classical and agile ways. Years of experience in IT project management as well as experience with digital transformation projects, software launches or outsourcing topics make us your ideal partner.

Cloud implementations

The cloud has rapidly grown from being a market influencer to an essential IT strategy for enterprise. If Cloud is used wisely it can provide agility and business continuity, whilst reducing total cost of ownership. AWS Cloud provides a wealth of tools, processes and approaches for a variety of configurations. Whether you are fully cloud-native, in a hybrid cloud environment or just taking the first steps. We have the experience of launching enterprise applications and architecture, delivery of true hyper-scale deployments and much more with AWS.

Web applications

We are developing web applications for each individual purpose. Our spec­trum goes from company websites to extensive business web applications. Complex business processes can now be modeled using the latest Web front- and back-end technologies. The replacement of traditional IT server applications by web applications will accelerate in the coming years. For professional web development we are using techno­logies like AngularJS, Node.js, Python as well as SQL and NoSQL Databases.

Data Mining & Analytics

Data Mining & Analytics enables the efficient evaluation of data from the Internet or local databases and tries to make the data readable and structured with of special extraction techniques. By means of special analysis methods, one tries to identify dependencies and relationships or to achieve a grouping of objects. These special analytical techniques help to better understand business processes, to secure risks and identify trends for the future, e.g. With Machine Learning Algorithms. X-celerator offers corresponding know-how and tools.


Marco Moeser founded x-celerator in 2015. He has over 15 years experience in the IT- and con­sult­ing business and was leading numerous IT system im­ple­mentations at banks and financial services companies. He has a significant knowl­edge in software de­vel­op­ment and IT topics and was decisive part in many software im­ple­mentations. Marco has a diploma in computer science and holds a MBA in general management.



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